27 February 2013

Changes with the Blog

Hello Readers,

The blogs Common Civic Good and The Angry River Rat have been silent for a while because of some personal issues and some time constraints. With these issues, I feel that the blogs mission need to carry on even if I cannot spend the time on them as I once did. My goal is to keep them alive.

Changes will be made to make this happen.

  1. Blogs will not be cited like academic sources. (It was what I found most fun about writing articles was the research.)
  2. Twitter will be used more to link other articles, and to provide mobile commentary.
  3. Blog posts will range from 500 words or less. (No more Epic 5 page posts.
  4. I reserve the right to edit posts after publication for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  5. Common Civic Good and The Angry River Rat will sometimes run the same post. (Time constraints are the reason behind this move.)
Even with these changes I hope my blogs will provide meaningful comments in the political realm.


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